ISA Shipping offer shipping agency services to all lines specializing in addition to a wide range of services as follow:

Crew Change Services:

Our office offers a speedy, flexible, efficient and operative crew change service with highly competitive costs. We collect the crew members from/to airport assisting them safely on board and when is necessary we also arrange suitable hotel accommodation according to requirements. Booking reservations and personal assistance activities are executed by the agency.

We undertake to clear all On and Off signing crew at our local immigration office, and for which we need in advance all personal details (Name, Surname, Date and Place of Birth, Passport number and expiry date) along with the full voyage itinerary.

Documents required for Off Signers:

1.Passport copy
2. Seaman book copy
3. Salary settlement certificate signed by the crew member and signed ,Stamped by Master
4. Current crew list

Documents required for On Signers:

1.Passport Copy
2. Seaman Book Copy
3. copy of Certificates of competency for Officers and engineers.
4.c. Copy of employment contract signed by the crew member.Employment

Ship chandelling Services:

ISA Ship chandlers specializes in all types of fresh and dry provisions , equipment and supplies for ships and ship’s stores.
All Types of goods one can find at a ship’s chandler include provision, crew’s food, Fresh fish and assorted seafood’s, Fresh meat products delivered daily.
Fresh vegetables fruits and dairy products .
Cleaning compounds, maintenance supplies,
Ropes, deck stores office equipment, cabin stores, etc.
As a Dependable ship chandlers we are able to execute and dispatch services in a quick, orderly and timely manner

ISA Shipping services caters for all kinds of vessels, from container ships, bulk cargo carriers, Ro-Ro vessels and tankers to cruise liners and super yachts; and all cargo types from grains, livestock passenger to oil tankers.

Whatever you need

Our strong relationships with the local maritime industry and relevant authorities enable our operations team to make all the necessary arrangements for a smooth and efficient port call, as well as facilitate the smooth transition of control from one port to the next.

We go beyond the standard ship agency services with an extensive range of complementary services covering global hub agency, husbandry, bunker fuel supplies, ship spares logistics, underwater hull cleaning and more. Whether you’re controlling an entire fleet or a single vessel, our comprehensive portfolio of services can be tailored to your needs.
We are alongside and at your service in port or at sea, around the clock, across the country.

ISA Shipping Stevedoring and logistics services:

The spacious cargo terminals In Port Sudan guarantee time-efficient cargo handling, storage and extra services.

We provide a wide range of stevedoring services, including all types of cargo:

Dry bulk / shore operations.
Bulk and break bulk storage warehouses and open platforms.
Containerships / shore operations.
Container stuffing / stripping.
Container cargo storage.
Reefer containers / storage points.
Refrigerated warehouses for perishable goods.
Cargo lashing.
Sorting and labeling.

Bulk cargo / bagging.
Dangerous / hazardous goods / handling & storage.
If you may have any other request, please do not hesitate to contact our office.